Design Your Future

Design your Duke Journey

Apply strategies to explore college and life experiences that are meaningful to you and build the core competencies and career readiness that employers’ value.

Schedule: January 11-15, 2021, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST
Delivery Method: Synchronous
Team Lead: Greg Victory

This hands-on program will give you the tools to make decisions, learn more about your career options, and confidently leverage the Duke network while prototyping a few different plans for your future. At Duke, you will find an abundance of amazing courses, co-curricular experiences, and related opportunities awaiting you. There will be a temptation to think, that to get the most out of your Duke experience you will need to “do it all!”

However, we know from experience that this kind of thinking can often lead to undue stress for many students and often does not result in the intended goal. Added to this is the common misperception that there is always a linear path from major to career.

Why not learn some basics on how to navigate a process with many great options and outcomes, but no one “right” choice? Through this course we teach you, early in your college career, to apply strategies grounded in design thinking to explore college and life experiences that are more meaningful to you, and build the core competencies and career readiness that employers value today.

Through activities, you will learn how design thinking can help you explore options and opportunities, and at the same time, help you wrestle with the “wicked” problem of: How do I know if I’m on the right track, if I don’t know exactly what the destination is?  

Greg Victory

Greg Victory is the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and the Fannie Mitchell Executive Director of the Duke Career Center. Greg has experience developing innovative and enduring partnerships between the career team and other campus partners, including Alumni Affairs, the First-Generation Center, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and Athletics. He successfully developed and launched a “Designing Your Life” course for first-year students and oversaw the creation of numerous career and student-alumni global networking events. He is focused on outreach to employers and alumni across a wide range of industries and nonprofit sectors and works to ensure that all students see themselves and their pathways represented in Career Center programs and initiatives. 

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