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Duke 2030 Design Sprint

Students will learn the principles and praxis of open design (an equity-focused variation of design thinking) while developing recommendations to share with the Duke Strategy Team 2030 convened by President Price and Provost Kornbluth.

Schedule: January 4-15, 2021, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST each weekday with 5 hours of asynchronous work required prior to the program
Delivery Method: Synchronous and Asynchronous 
Credential: This course earns a Practical Oriented Experience (POE) transcript notation if students complete 45 program hours. 
Team Leads: Aria Chernik, JD, PhD, and Kevin Hoch

 A design sprint is a deeply collaborative and iterative process in which participants learn the creative, intellectual, and interpersonal skills and mindsets necessary to thrive in complex and ambiguous environments. Over two weeks of experiential learning, students will conduct stakeholder interviews and other qualitative research, brainstorm and synthesize ideas, rapidly prototype, evaluate stakeholder feedback, and share insights across media to help answer the design challenge: “How might we transform learning at Duke?”

Students will pitch their final innovation recommendations to senior leadership at Duke. Key topics include: 

  • Will we need different modes of educational delivery? 
  • How do digital and online pedagogies impact the delivery of a Duke education over the next decade? 
  • What educational innovations at and beyond Duke will stick? 
  • How do the demands for lifelong learning shape what universities will want and need to offer? 
  • What are the implications of the pandemic’s “unbundling” of experiences that universities offer?
  • What is the future of work and how does that change the context or the content of the education that Duke provides?
Aria Chernik

Aria Chernik, JD, PhD, is an Associate Professor of the Practice at the Social Science Research Institute and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. Aria has extensive experience as an innovation leader across K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and professional learning contexts. Her teaching and research focus on open design, equity-aligned pedagogies, power and technology, and open education and access to knowledge. She loves designing transformative learning environments that model the world she is working to build: transparent, actively inclusive, and collaborative.


Kevin Hoch is responsible for the operational oversight of the education segment within the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative including undergraduate, graduate, and professional educational programming. He also directs the Duke in Silicon Valley study away program. Throughout his career Kevin has woven together an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to create, develop, and implement a diverse range of educational programs. He is a trained educator, team facilitator, and coach who has led and developed multicultural and cross functional teams on a global scale. 

Kevin has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University.

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