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User Experience/User Interface Bootcamp

Solving technical problems by applying human-centered design tactics.

Schedule: January 11-15, 2021, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 
Delivery Method: Synchronous and Asynchronous 
Credential: This course earns a Practical Oriented Experience (POE) transcript notation.
Team Lead: Barbara Puccio

In this workshop series, we will teach the basic principles of User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI), an increasingly useful and important discipline that integrates empathy, anthropology, design, and technology to solve complex human problems.  The goal of this field of study is to first understand the users of technology – their behaviors, interests, and preferences – and then employ this research to best build technology that achieves goals with positive user experience. This process can be applied widely, both to websites and applications, as well as much more complex systems and problems.

Sessions in this program will cover UX/UI design concepts, best practices, and tools to help you develop a broader skillset and creatively solve technical problems while leading end users to positive outcomes. You will learn how to apply essential tactics like User Research, UI Design, Prototyping using Figma, and Usability Testing in a real-world setting.

UX/UI Daily Schedule:

  • Day 1: Overview of User Experience (UX), User interface (UI) & Project Discovery
  • Day 2: Information Architecture (IA) in action: User Flows
  • Day 3: User Interface (UI) Design & Figma Prototyping
  • Day 4: Visual Design Process
  • Day 5: User Testing Basics

Instructors: Sandra Bermond, Bendte Fagge, Jen Hubbard, and Barbara Puccio

Barbara Puccio

Barbara Puccio is the Manager of Creative and User Experience team within OIT. Barbara appreciates creativity in all forms and is especially interested in the intersection of UX/ UI and technology. Using human centered design practices, Barbara and her team create engaging and easy user experiences to solve any technical problem. She strives to lead both her team and client projects with clear strategic direction and empathy. Barbara loves the challenges and opportunities for growth in the field of service design and thrives on any project which invokes creativity.

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