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Wellness: From Science to Practice

Pairs of faculty and practitioners will discuss the science and practice behind key areas of wellness and help students translate the science into daily practice.

Schedule: January 11-14, 2021, 9:00 am – 10:00 am EST
Commitment: 1-4 hour(s)
Delivery Method: Synchronous
Team Lead: Tom Szighety

Student can choose to join any or all of the guided modules:

Lead by: Justin Sharpe, Lindsey Parker-Winslett and Scott Swartwelder, PhD

The systems in which we live have taught us how to think and how to interact with others. They have shaped our identities and values and are often reflected in the choices we make. However, social influences and consequences within these systems increase our susceptibility of making choices that do not always align with our identities or values.

 This session will explore cognitive and social mediators of bystander intervention, sexual health, and drug use amongst the college-aged population. Particular attention will be paid to brain development during the young adult period and the distinctive effects that alcohol and other drugs have on brain function during that time. Students will learn how the bystander effect manifests for them personally to become empowered by holding to their identity and values.

Lead by: QuiAnne’ Holmes and Sherilynn Black, PhD

As a college student, you are equipped with many strategies to navigate the academic challenges and nuances that you may be faced with. However, this is one piece of the complex puzzle that is composed to ensure that your college career is successful. It is also important that you are able to examine how fostering a sense of resiliency, self-compassion and gratitude are vital components to your overall health and wellness and will ultimately result in your ability to:

  • Develop agency
  • Manage Negative Self-Talk & Feelings of Imposter Syndrome
  • Create and identify safe and proactive mental health support systems
  • Connect and Build Community | Sense of Common Humanity and Connectedness
  • Practicing Mindfulness

Lead by: Toni Apadula and Franca B. Alphin, MPH, RDN, LDN, CSSD, CEDRD, Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health

Food plays a pivotal role in our lives on many levels.  Some of us eat when we’re stressed, others cook. Some of us look to nutrition to make us feel good or get better, some put less value on that.  Given the overabundance of news; whether social or otherwise, it has become even more daunting to make sense of what is scientifically sound and what is not.  This session will delve into the science of nutrition and its impact on our emotions, immune system as well as our mood; for greater clarity on the many benefits of what a well- balanced and delicious diet can do for us. 

Lead by: Tom Szigethy and John Blackshear, PhD

Mindfulness and meditation has been spoken about often regarding our personal wellness in the last few years, but what is the research behind the practice? Join this session to learn research benefits of having a mindful/meditative practice toward a quest for self-care. Experience the immediate impact of mindful/meditation on your stress within the session through a brief practice and discuss your thoughts, experiences, difficulties and successes with maintaining a practice of self-care on the journey for personal wellness.

Students will be guided through self-analysis of whether and how the topic is part of their experience at Duke. The goal is to think about how they can re-shape future decisions around work, organizational membership, or decisions around value, and how the practice of wellness behaviors allows you to work smarter not harder, to maintain efficiency without compromising yourself. 

Tom Szighety

Tom Szigethy is the Associate Dean of Students and the Director of DuWell. Tom joined the Duke family in 2008. He obtained his BS in Mental Health from the Franciscan University in Ohio and his Masters in Counseling with a focus in Child Welfare from St. Joseph College in Connecticut. Prior to working in Higher Education, Tom worked with families of abused and neglected children for over 15 years primarily as an investigator. A native New Yorker he loves the beach, gardening, riding his Harley, and spending time with his wife and four children.

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